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We offer excellent quality electrical power transformers. These transformers are widely used in the electrical appliances to convert mains voltage to power electronics. These electrical transformers are widely available in different power ratings.


Online IGBT (Upto 30 KVA) Transformers

Our 3 phase transformer used for online IGBT systems ranging from 50VA to 10KVA 3 Phase, our range of 3 phase transformer  is fabricated using superior quality raw material. Durable and precision engineered, our range of 3 phase transformer can be customized as per the requirements of our clients.


  • Minimum no load current
  • H-class Insulation
  • High voltage break down test at 2 kv
  • Noiseless& good efficiency

Off Line UPS (Upto 3 KVA)

We are large scale manufacturer and supplier of high performance Offline UPS TX.  These are widely used across several industries, and various appilanceslike- Pc, EPBX where power flactuation accure frequency .


Isolation TX (Upto 30 KVA)

A glance at any transformer design will reveal the important features of Isolation. There is no direct connection between the windings they are connected only by the Intangible lines of magnetic flux in the core Isolation transformer are effective for Isolation sensitive equipment’s from Line Voltage transients, spikes & D.C. leakage etc.


These ultra isolation transformers and isolation power transformers are specially designed for sensitive critical equipment’s like computers & peripherals, medical instrumentation, digital communication telemetry systems, CNC Machines etc. Also our ultra isolation transformers are useful for stopping such disturbances generated by the noisy equipment load from being injected into the power line.


DC Choke

We manufacture a range of DC choke and DC link choke which are used to control the current supply and protect from load loss. Fabricated using quality electrical components and copper wires terminal blocks, our range find application in numerous industries. We also offer customization on our range as per the specification of clients As per current & mh.


  • Minimum No load current
  • H class Insulation
  • High voltage break down test at 2 kva
  • Noiseless & good efficency



Line Filter Choke

They are used in power supplies in input stage of mains, to filter the harmonics and to protect the internal circuits of the professional equipments. They are used in a wide range to prevent RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) from the System Equipment. They have the high impedance and excellent frequency characteristics. They are applied in the following.As per client specification current and mh.


  • Minimum No load current
  • H class Insulation
  • High voltage break down test at 2 kva
  • Noiseless & good efficency



Ferro Resonant Transformer ( CVT )

Voltage variations/flactuation and principle of operations- the phenomenon which makes the Excel Cvt is Ferro Resonance This is acheived by resonating of the output secondary coil with selected high estability capacitors. Excel Cvt has sinosidel wave form & output 1%.

Transients/ Noise (spikes)- In Excel Cvt the primary and secondary sides are sepreated by large air gape and a meganatic shunt.the combine Inductance & capacitance are redically reduce. they gives and effective protection against asymmetric voltage transit. and H class insulating material for good isulation.

Short circuit protection-Excel Cvt is instantaneous and intrinsic.


Inverter Transformers

Available with us is a range of Inverter Transformer from 50VA to 10KVA in sine wave and Quazi sine wave that is manufactured using superior quality raw material and is high on durability and performance. Offered at industry leading prices, these inverter transformers find application in UPS Systems.


Three Phase Transformers

We also offer a comprehensive range of Three Phase Transformers to our clients at industry leading prices. These transformers are especially designed to supply electric power to three-phase systems. It has three circuit conductors &neutral wire and ideal to distribute the power. Furthermore, our range is widely used by electric power distribution girds to power large motors & other larges loads. Our quality experts stringently test our range on the basis of various quality parameters to assure its efficiency.


Custom Built Transformers

Our company offers an entire amount of transformers that can widely used in various industrial sectors for varied applications. We have marked our excellence in distributor dealing custom built transformers as per the specifications of our clients. Custom built  transformers, offered by us, can be used supplying power from an alternating current power grid to equipment that uses varied electric power transmission or voltage from long distance. Today, we are reckoned as one of the key custom built electrical transformers manufacturers in india


Servo Voltage Stabilizer ( TX )

Voltage Regulating Transformer is a Power device that is used to provide variable voltage for the purpose of variation, stabilization without phase shift or deterioration of the supply wave form and power factor. Voltage Regulator Transformer or Regulator as commonly known, is a variable ratio Transformer. Variation in the voltage is achieved by the movement of carbon roller contacts over a column of turns where a strip of insulation has been removed to allow the contacts to run on the conducting material of the transformer coil. This arrangement allows continuous variation across the range of voltage present on the coil turns. The Regulator coils are fully compensated. Compensation is a method whereby the naturally high reactance of long coils is limited to a low value across the range of variation. Limiting the reactance tends to produce a linear variation in the output voltage of the regulator, across the range of operation.


TX Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Upto 10 KVA)

We are engaged in manufacturing of quality range of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Transformer. These transformer are used to provide constant voltage even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage. Automatic Voltage Stabilizers supplied by us requires low maintenance and is available in various specifications as per client’s requirements. They are used in different electrical applications ensuring longer performance. 


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